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Happy Birthday, Harry

Happy Birthday, Harry

It’s with complete serendipity that I’m writing this first blog post on July 31. I didn’t realize the significance of the approaching date, as I’ve been racing all week to meet my writing goal in Camp NaNoWriMo of 30,000 words. I didn’t notice the changeover from July 30 as I sat up all night, tinkering with setting up this site and cursing at all the code going just slightly wrong. Now, hours later, the sun is about to rise and I’ve yet to be visited by the Sandman. I am weary, and not yet finished.

But delight finds us in even the most trying of times, and as July 31 dawns, I find myself happy to be awake to whisper a “Happy Birthday” to a very dear friend of mine; a dear friend of many of ours, actually: Harry Potter

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